Friday, 21 August 2015

The Inconvenient Truth...About Being A Woman

Aug 21, 2015

So there's an article UK Daily Mail published, that has me seeing red (you'll understand the pun when you read the article). Read the article here before proceeding through my rant:

Are you raging? Because I am. And it's not PMS, because I haven't had my rag for over 6 years (which I chose to do so I can bang my boyfriend when I want to. Not because it was a step in climbing the corporate ladder).

And that's how Sue, "C"s it

According to the author (Jill Foster - aka Traitorous Bitch), women are more productive and successful when they don't have their periods. How absolutely fucking absurd. 

63% of scientists agree that 78% of stats are complete bullshit.
Let's start with TB's little factoid that British women take 17 MILLION sick days a year due to their periods. Really bitch? Really? According to Index Mundi, there were 16 789 083 females in the UK between the ages of 15 and 54 (prime bleeding age range) in 2014. That means every single female in the UK last year took a sick day because of their period. LIES. I don't know a single woman who has ever called in sick because they were on their rag, and unless Canadian broads are that much tougher than chicks in the UK, I call bullshit on this stat. Keep in mind, this statistic is also super credible, seeing as TB doesn't note where she pulled this number from. Then again, it can be difficult to reference your own ASS in proper APA style.

Ovaries are a burden. It's science because Jill Foster said so.
TB is apparently a fountain of scientific knowledge. She patiently explains to her neanderthal audience the biology behind a woman's "time of the month" and how the Pill works (side note, I love that we capitalize the P when referring to the Pill - not unlike the capitalization of the G in God). Jill takes the time to let us know how some poor women experience "...bloating, nausea, abdominal cramps, and even fainting". I can't deny that some poor suckers do have shitty period side effects, and I feel for them - I really do. But not all women have these symptoms, and most bitches who do suffer once a month are used to it, so they know to take an Advil, eat some chocolate, and suck it the hell up for the week.

Bitches of a feather
I want to clarify that I don't only blame TB for this article. I want to find Alanna Allen, Morgan Spicer, and Laura Zito and punch them directly in their drugged up ovaries. They are supporting the stigma placed by men on women in the workforce, that those with a uterus are lesser employees. Alanna Allen says, 

"I started taking the Pill in my early 20s, but found it irritating having to remember to take it at the same time every day." Women are such silly, flighty, forgetful creatures. Sure are puurty though.
"I'd still get a bleed, backaches and cramps which isn't convenient when you're a hairdresser..." Putting down your scissors to take a piss must be a real hassle too. Time for a catheter.

This outlandish cunt gal even goes so far as to say she doesn't give a shit about potential medical implications of skipping her period, because of how convenient it is to not bleed. FOR REAL BITCH? One of my best friends is a very successful young woman, who manages to run a not-for-profit, have a successful relationship, a thriving social life, and work an 80 hour week despite those pesky ovaries of hers. It's because she works her gorgeous ass off, not because she stopped having her rag.

These bitches are at the top of my shit list right now. It's simply fucking ignorant to imply that having your period will hold you back from a successful career, and it shits on every step women have taken to push past the glass ceiling. Women are strong as hell, and luckily one oblivious journalist won't change that. 

It's incredibly sad to me that Beyonce has done more for women than this journalist has.

Strong enough to bear the children, then get back ta business.

*Index Mundi:United Kingdom Age Structure;

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